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Vanessa Tierney


Abodoo is driving the SmartWorking movement by connecting people, talent, skills, technology and businesses globally, to enrich local communities, people’s lives and to positively impact our planet.
SmartWorking is the combined use of technology and connectivity with the flexibility for employees to work remotely from home, a co-working hub or using a hybrid model (part-office, part-remote). It enables companies to grow by hiring and retaining top talent based on skills rather than location, and supports rural regeneration by attracting talent back into regions and out of over populated cities. Our anonymous profiling, reduces unconscious bias during the hiring process to support and drive diversity.

Vanessa Tierney will be speaking at:

Panel Discussion – Creating Employee Centred and Effective Workplaces

2019/03/05 11:40 - 12:30

Lone/Remote Working – The rapid evolution of Smart Working and the impact to Facilities Management – is your business ready?

2019/03/05 11:15 - 11:40

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