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Roy Rothwell

Fluke Corporation

Since graduating as an Engineer, Roy Rothwell has had a keen interest in the implementation of solutions that are critical to the physical infrastructure environment.

Roy brings many years of experience in asset care software project deployments in transport, oil & gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, pharmaceuticals and utilities sectors. Roy has expertise in recovering failed and under‐utilized implementations, which  have  been neglected over time.

Roy Rothwell embodies diversified real‐world experience in successful FMS, CMMS and EAM project deployments. By integrating EAM solutions along with managing assets across the facility, organizations can improve utilization and performance, reduce capital costs, reduce asset related operating costs, extend asset life, and subsequently improve ROA (return on assets).

With Engineering and Business Degrees under his belt, Roy continues to be active in professional institutions including Construction IT Alliance (CITA), Maintenance and Asset Management Society (MEETA), Project Management Institute (PMI), and Institute of Business Analysts and Consulting (IBAC).

Roy Rothwell will be speaking at:

How to Pass Compliance Audits With Your CMMS

2018/03/07 14:30 - 15:00

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