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Michelle McDermott

Chemicals Inspector

Michelle has worked as an inspector within the Occupational Hygiene Unit of the HSA since 2008. In addition to workplace inspections and investigations, she is a member of the REACH Substance Evaluation Team. Prior to her role in the HSA, she worked in health and safety roles in the manufacturing industry.

Michelle Mc Dermott will address the Chemical Agents Regulation 2001 & 2015, covering the specific requirements necessary to identify hazards ( SDS, Labels, etc.), to complete a risk assessment and to implement controls.   The presentation will include examples of Safety Data Sheets, labels and typical risk assessments, illustrating the common gaps seen in meeting the legal requirements. There will be a focus on how to fulfil the requirements of the legislation in a practical and useful manner.

Michelle McDermott will be speaking at:

Managing Chemicals Safely

2019/03/05 10:15 - 10:45

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