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Anand Mecheri


Anand, an engineer and a tech entrepreneur ventured on his own in 1988, straight out of college. He founded and scaled a Security, Safety & Building Automation company (iMetrex) with over 600 employees globally. iMetrex was acquired by SIEMENS and Anand transitioned into a leadership role at the Siemens Building Technologies global Head Quarters in Switzerland until 2012.

He subsequently founded and leads as its CEO, his next venture “Invicara”, a platform for digital buildings. Invicara provides solutions for Information Management, enabling owners to create “Digital Twins” of their portfolio to optimize outcomes from their capital programs and operate their facilities more efficiently. Equally Invicara enables Designers and Contractors to digitalize their workflows and leverage data to optimize their business.

Anand Mecheri will be speaking at:

Panel Q & A

2019/03/06 15:30 - 15:45

Digital Handover, the basis for a Digital Twin

2019/03/06 14:00 - 14:30

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