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Holistic Review of Fire Safety Qualifications

10:00 - 15:00

Overview prepared by Brian Bourke – IFE Forum Lead

One question has puzzled me for the 30 years of my Fire Safety experience why do organisations wait for the fire officer to call before reacting to the need for Fire Safety Management? There is an annual panic for certificates of testing etc. to be ready for annual licencing.

This year we are considering the challenges facing the legal team attempting to pull together all of the information needed to be presented in court for the successful award of a Drink Licence or Dance Licence. Realistically there should be no problem as this is an annual event with some systems being inspected on a quarterly basis.

Matters arising from recent experience: letters being submitted instead of the certificates in the correct format, MD of the company signing certificates, no evidence persons signing have ever seen the standards. This becomes evident when a visual inspection is carried out.

The solicitors, Architects and Insurance companies involved will all support an initiative for the correct use of certification and evidence the person signing is competent,

This year delegates will hear from a panel of speakers across a range of Fire Safety disciplines including the Licenced Association with each providing a unique insight into the Fire Safety challenges facing a modern society.

The Objective; provide as much relevant information as possible from a panel of expert speakers and LISTEN to the interaction of the forum. Is it possible to answer the questions; who has a role and a responsibility for communication of the fire Safety Message?

Fire Safety Responsibility rests with YOU.

There are no Passengers on Spaceship Fire Safety we are all CREW.


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