• FM Ireland will be held on the 5-6 March 2019
  • #FMIreland_Expo

FM Procurement Best Practice Workshop – Hosted By BIFM

13:55 - 16:00

The sourcing of FM is changing rapidly – evolving customer expectations, changing contract models and the introduction of ISO standards in FM are impacting the way FM is purchased and delivered. The workshop will look at the changing environment as well as offer solutions for both clients and suppliers to add value.

Areas to be addressed Include:

  • Customer’s view of procuring FM – how to avoid the common pitfalls? Do you know what you are looking for when going to the market to buy facilities services?How do you manage your customers, your procurement team and potential suppliers to get the outcomes you are looking for?
  • A supplier’s view of delivering FM service contracts – what makes an ideal customer? Insight from a supplier about the key elements that they look for from a customer in order to deliver the great service.
  • Changes to and Impact of ISO Standards – The recent launch of the ISO FM procurement standard offers a robust process to give the best chance of procuring the FM services you require. The sessions provides an overview of the process and offers some simple tips to support an effective FM procurement process.

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