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Safety in Mind IOSH Ireland East Workshop 22nd November 2017

Members of the IOSH Ireland East Branch braved the inclement weather to attend the Safety in Mind workshop event in Finnstown Castle Hotel in Lucan on the 22nd November 2017.

Attendees were welcomed by committee members Michael Walker and Ruth Robertson and the speaker for the event was introduced the committee Secretary, Shane Lynam.

The speaker Mr PJ Timmins of The Alternative Board (TAB), who has a great deal of experience at all levels of workplace management, immediately grabbed the attention of all present with his own personal experiences of various aspects of health & safety.

The workshop began by introducing themes such as behaviour and how it relates to emotional intelligence. Attendees were asked to examine their own personalities by asking themselves a few simple questions which would place them somewhere on a scale of Extroversion/Introversion and also Thinking/Feeling orientated. PJ went on to explain some of the traits that may be exhibited by the different personality types ranging from the “Do it now” attitude of “Red” type personalities to “Do it together” attitude of “Yellow”…Read More