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Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic Rodent Monitoring – FREE from big 8 food allergens

Harmonix® Monitoring non-toxic paste and hypoallergenic bait from Ecologica Environmental.

Ecologica Environmental in keeping with its ethos of eco-friendly pest control management with minimal environmental impacts are now providing an innovative non-toxic and hypoallergenic bait containing oats instead of wheat for proactive monitoring of rodent activity as part of its Integrated Rodent Management (IPM) programme. With its full traceability day and night, It is also free from the big 8 food allergens including wheat and is HACCP certified, making is suitable for use within the food industry.

Harmonix® monitoring paste developed by Bayer Environmental Science, can be used in and around homes, food manufacturing, industrial, commercial, agricultural and public buildings. It can also be used in vehicles around ports, airports and railway stations and in open areas e.g. public parks, waste dumps and sewer systems.

Each individual 10g bait sachet is placed in a tamper proof Rotech® bait station. A key benefit of this eco-friendly product is that it is safe to use in proximity to children and non-target animals including pets, farm animals and wildlife. It provides early detection of the presence of rodents, near locations of entry to human premises or preferred locations of harbourage, runs or nesting sites. Harmonix® monitoring bait will not decay and will keep it palatability over time.

Post follow-up Inspections should include signs of consumption of the bait, like gnawing marks but also droppings which will be more visible thanks to a red dye in daylight and a glowing bright blue dye in black-light. When early signs of consumption, replace immediately with a non-toxic bait e.g. Harmonix® bait or Rascal® non-toxic wax block/gel and a Rotech® trap in a tamper proof bait station. The acceptance of the non-toxic bait by rodents will be optimised because rodents will have become accustomed to it as a food source.

Key Benefits of Harmonix® Monitoring:

  • Non-toxic bait for an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme.
  • Ideal for use in the food industry due to hypoallergenic formulation – contains oats instead of wheat. Fully HACCP International food safety certified.
  • Free from the big 8 food allergens including wheat
  • Enables rodent tracking day or night.
  • Ideal for trapping control strategy with minimal environmental impact with no primary or secondary contamination.

For further information on Harmonix® or other non-toxic Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes contact: Ecologica Enviromental (086) 812 0435 or visit