• Workplace & Facilities Expo. will be held on the 3-4 March 2020
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Add movement to your working day

Ergotron designs and manufactures dynamic work environments so people can thrive as they work, learn and care for others. Improving wellbeing at work does not only boost productivity, it also helps attracting and retaining the right talents. A healthy workspace should take ergonomics into account: providing employees with the right tools, such as an adjustable monitor arm, will help employees perform better as they will be able to collaborate more with each other while keeping their body in a healthy posture. Available to mount 1, 2 or even 3 screens, Ergotron’s monitor mounts will help you add movement in your way of working, having your monitors follow you. Ideal for home and office use, the LX Desk Monitor Arm is the go-to solution for areas where several people use the same display.