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(A Holistic review of Fire Safety Qualifications)

“What is the potential impact of Fire on business continuity and how can gaseous fire suppression agents help mitigate the risks as part of your fire strategy?”

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The Report of the Fire Safety Task Force, published by the National Directorate for Fire & Emergency Management (NDFEM) in May 2018, details current and future strategy for fire safety management during construction and for the life cycle of buildings in Ireland. The aim is to build on the change of culture, within the construction industry, brought about by the implementation of the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (BCAR) in 2014. Management and maintenance of modern buildings requires an understanding of fire strategy and the function of installed fire safety systems.

  • Who is responsible for fire safety in buildings – What do they need to know?
  • What qualifications are required to manage fire safety?
  • How can property owners & managers demonstrate fire safety management competence?