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Language Free / Pictorial Proposal for First Aid Fire Fighting Extinguishers.

Communication is critical to us all, in particular with the ease and speed at which we can travel around the globe today which has made travel for business and pleasure a way of life. There are over 6000 languages in the world and without human ingenuity they could form an impenetrable barrier for communication between people.
In recent times the increasing and rapidly developing use of pictorial images and symbols has become the new universal language. Research from an educational context demonstrates that visual representation, especially pictures, offers a powerful means of communicating and an alternative to written or printed languages. The use of Emoji symbols in digital and mobile apparatus is a growing and widespread method of messaging, furniture flat-packs and electronic equipment such as computers, TVs etc. come with instructions in pictogram format for ease of assembly, safety signage from emergency lighting and airlines safety information cards all now use pictograms to inform its customers of the safety information on board their aircraft to communicate clear and concise information .…Read More


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