• FM Ireland will be held on the 5-6 March 2019
  • #FMIreland_Expo

On 27 June 2017 in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in London, Minister Eoghan Murphy directed the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management to convene a Task Force to undertake a complete review of our approach to fire safety in Irish society. At FM Ireland in March 2018, John Barry described the initial actions taken to address public concerns and fears about fire safety in situations similar to Grenfell Tower in Ireland.

The Task Force Report dated 28th May 2018 includes the following recommendations,

  • Additional guidance for those with statutory section 18(2) responsibility for fire safety in buildings and a new requirement for a “Public Notice of Fire Safety” in every building to which section 18(2) applies which will assist the public in judging if they are safe in a building;
  • New and specific fire safety regulations for the recommended priority “sleeping accommodation” sector;
  • New fire safety regulations for large and complex buildings;
  • Action to identify and target those who neglect their fire safety obligations;

Our seminar will focus on these recommendations to assist those managing property to understand and implement change – Full Programme to follow

Correctly Specified and installed emergency lighting can save lives and avoid prosecution in am emergency evacuation.

Key areas addressed:

  1. Why is emergency lighting required, legal obligations & legal penalties
  2.   How is EL installation policed, standard installations
  3. Emergency Lighting Sign off. Cost effective EL installation and maintenance
  4. Future developments of EL equipment and standards. Recommendations.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Why EL must be installed and premises in which it is required
  2. Installation requirements
  3. Cost Effective installation and maintenance
  4. Future developments in equipment and installations
  1. Risk Assessment – Speaker TBA
  2. Legislation and Access Control – Speaker TBA
  3. Telco’s Networks and Call Response (CPsDN – New Net or (Monitoring Alarm Response) – Speaker TBA
  4. IOT – Security – Building – Speaker TBA
  5. PSA Crime Prevention Office – Speaker TBA
  6. Electronic Security – Speakers TBA
    a. Active Apprenticeship
    b. New Access Control Legislation
  7. Event – Individual Licenses – Speaker TBA
  8. Locks/Safes – New legislation licence Suppliers – Speaker TBA
  9. Secure Data Awareness – Speaker TBA

Panellists TBA

Speaker TBA

Speaker TBA

Speaker TBA

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