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A single earth clamp for all types of earth cables, bars and straps

The new CA6418 earth clamp from Chauvin Arnoux, delivered in a carrying case, can be used for quick testing of earth resistance. With a clamping capacity that allows measurements on 30 x40mm or 20 x 55mm rectangular bars and cables 32mm in diameter. The CA6418 clamp simultaneously displays the earth resistance and leakage current. Ergonomically designed, with features such as an OLED display, ensures 180-degree visibility in all lighting conditions. An automatic “pre-Hold” mode when the clamp is opened and automatic compensation of the jaw gap when powering up ensure optimized processing of the measurements provided by the CA6418 clamp. With a large internal memory- measurements can be stored with a time and date stamp, thanks to the real time clock

Additional specifications ‐

  • Current from 0.5 mA to 20 A
  • Wide measurement range from 0.010Ω to 1,200Ω
  • Alarms configurable on Ω and A
  • Automatic Pre‐Hold mode when the clamp is opened
  • 300 time/date‐stamped measurements
  • Automatic calibration of the jaw gap at startup
  • Buzzer and automatic power‐off
  • Weight: 700 g with rechargeable batteries
  • Dimensions: 225 x 125 x 83 mm.

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The piece of kit that was nominated is the Stairmate SA-S Powered Stair Climber; one of our most popular due to its versatility, ease of access and affordability. The SA-S is a compact but powerful Stair Climber which can take a maximum load of 150kg both up and down stairs making it an ideal access and egress solution for many buildings both commercial and domestic.

One of the main benefits of the SA-S is the fact that the user’s wheelchair is what goes onto the climber before using the stairs. In short, the user does not need to transfer from their existing chair into a seat attachment; their whole chair straps in and is taken with them. Many users have said that they felt like this was a more dignified approach as they have often faced situations where they would have to be lifted up into a piece of equipment and their chair would have to be bought up afterwards. In an emergency, it would also ensure that the user’s chair didn’t get left behind during an evacuation. One of the main policies during a fire is that nobody may re-enter the building until it is deemed safe. If the user’s chair was left behind, it may get damaged or destroyed leaving the user without a chair.

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Are you stuck with a facility management “solution” that is more of a problem? You are not alone. Recent research shows 34% of real estate and facilities executives are evaluating the purchase of software to improve their operations.

However, many facilities teams struggle with calculating the ROI of their software purchases. For facility teams cautious about proposing cost savings from process efficiency – following many years of cost pressure – Planon is hosting a webinar together with Verdantix to help you to pitch the financial benefit of an IWMS.

It will be full of suggestions for writing a successful business case and getting it approved, as well as the practical benefits Planon customers have achieved with an IWMS.

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Easy to use  /  Easy to install (retrofittable)  /  Variety of customer specific operating & releasing temperatures available  /  No water being used (gas)  /  Scalable  /  Robust and shock tolerant  /  NOVEC or CO2 as extinguishing agent  /  Usable in various applications (home, industry, automotive, etc.)  /  Mechanical release; no electric power supply required  /  Release mechanism: qualified in the automotive and sprinkler industry

The AMFE not only releases the extinguishing gas but also signals that it has. In installations where accessibility is limited, the AMFE can be connected to a monitoring system by two connectors for reading a signal. Permanently controlling if the AMFE has been initiated (e.g. line control through a PLC or monitoring device) allows for precise knowledge about the status of whether and where a fire might have started in an otherwise hard to reach installation. The S-AMFE is rated for typical PLC signals of 24V/48V and 1000mA. The connectors are standardized (6,3mm blade terminals), but customizations are possible.

In control cabinets, fire can quickly lead to a disaster. The AMFE extinguishes reliably and precisely.


The application spectrum of the AMFE is diverse: It ranges from technical household appliances, exhibits and collections to solutions in a vast variety of applications, both at home or in the industry.


Due to rising heat in a fire scenario the pressure inside the glass bulb increases. After the predetermined operating temperature of the heat sensitive glass bulb is reached, the glass bulb bursts into small fragments and triggers a mechanism that releases the gas from the cylinder. The extinguishing medium is released through the holes in the outlet body and extinguishes the fire when the fire is still in an early stage. The quick operation and the effective extinguishing of the fire prevents further expansion of the fire and helps keeping damage to a minimum.

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Are you among the 34% of real estate and facilities executives evaluating the purchase of software to improve real estate and building management? Are you finding it an uphill struggle trying to secure funding?

This report by Verdantix provides a framework for you to develop a numbers-driven business case for an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

Use this step-by-step toolkit to calculate the financial return of an IWMS implementation by considering the savings from IT rationalisation, improved labour productivity and reduced operational costs.

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Pictured here is Sarah McDonnell, Head of Interiors at Ardmac, with Dennis Markey, Marketing Director of Hilti at Hilti’s Irish head office in Finglas, North Dublin

7th January 2019, Dublin: Ardmac, the leading International construction specialist, has been awarded the contract to commercially fit out the Dublin head office of Hilti, a leading software, products and services company which services the professional construction industry.

The 1065m² refurbishment of Hilti’s Irish head office, , based at Finglas in North Dublin, will be completed by Ardmac in a fully operational environment across three floors of the building and includes the relocation of the current Hilti store on site. The project began at the end of 2018 and will be completed in three phases, with completion and handover expected to take place at the end of February 2019. The Ardmac project team is working in partnership with Hilti to develop the new fit out of the building and a design team is being led by RC Design Services.

Following the announcement Sarah McDonnell, Head of Interiors at Ardmac, said; “We are delighted to be working with Hilti on the fit out of its head office building in Finglas. This fit out project is the latest in a series of high profile projects which we are currently completing across Ireland, so it’s been an exciting start to 2019 for us.”

Dennis Markey, Marketing Director at Hilti Ireland, said; “Ardmac were awarded this project following a competitive tender process. As leading construction specialists, Ardmac’s focus on innovation and safety meant that they were the most aligned partner for us and this project. We look forward to seeing the Hilti building transform and grow alongside our people, over the coming months during this exciting refurbishment.”

This contract announcement follows Ardmac’s recent award of ‘Fit Out Contractor of the Year’ at the annual Fit Out awards. Ardmac was founded in 1977 and has gone from strength to strength in recent years, including a rebranding to support its ‘Building Better’ ethos.

About Ardmac

Ardmac is an international construction specialist that delivers complex high value workspaces and technical environments. Headquartered in Dublin with offices in Manchester, Craigavon and Brussels, Ardmac employs over 300 people and provides specialist services in Fit Out, Pharma, Data Centres, Refurbishment and Construction.

Ardmac’s vision is to be the contractor of choice for clients, and the workplace of choice for great people. Ardmac’s mission is to consistently provide the ultimate solution for high value working environments through continuous investment in the best people, technology, and processes.| twitter @ardmacltd | #buildingbetter

About Hilti

Hilti provide leading-edge tools, technologies, software and services for the global construction sector. Built over 75 years ago with some 28,000 people in more than 120 countries now, this refurb is the growth and transformation needed to align with their future growth. | Twitter @Hilti_Ireland


Our mission is to provide the best ergonomic solutions for workers. The WorkFit-TX is that goal being realised, featuring unparalleled adjustment capability for a sit-stand desk converter. As industrial designer John Blomstrom explains, this workstation’s innovative low profile ensures a comfortable position whether sitting or standing.




In a recent revision to the BS5839-1:2017 the British Standard Institute has recommended, in section 20.2 b) of the update, that: “All MCPs should be fitted with a protective cover, which is moved to gain access to the frangible elements.”

The changes come after the Fire Industry Association’s Fire Detection & Alarm Council presented their own recommendations for changes to BS5839-1:2017 to the BSI following findings showing that a shocking 44% of Fire and Rescue callout turn out to be false alarms. (Source: FIA website, 2017)

All manual call points that are placed in vulnerable areas and are prone to false activations should now be protected, without the need to consult your fire safety officers.

Safety Technology International (STI) supply a range of protective covers, from integral covers to sounder models; there are variations to suit all applications. These covers are specifically designed to prevent false alarms whether accidental or malicious.

STI Managing Director, Steve Hunt believes that the update to the British Standard will aid the decline in false fire alarms throughout the country.

He said: “The update to the British Standard strongly reinforces the work Safety Technology have been doing for over three decades. Our protective covers are designed to prevent false fire alarms and they are effective at doing so.”

Contact sales on +44 (0)1527 520 999, email or visit, for further information on the range of protective covers from STI.

Many organisations have had problems choosing the right software solution for Facility and Real Estate Management. What makes these software solutions really different? And, what differentiators are relevant for your business?

One important and significant differentiator amongst these software products is the solution’s typology: Point Solution or Integrated Solution. Based on four different perspectives, this White Paper helps you to choose the typology that suits your long term goals and reduces the risks of failure during implementation and operation.

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