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This case study is about the use of 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid to protect one of the UK’s most powerful supercomputers, the ARCHER computer at Edinburgh University.

About the case study:

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid was installed in a SAPPHIRE system from Johnson Controls, to protect the UK Research Data Facility which houses the ARCHER system at Edinburgh University. The ARCHER system is a world-class supercomputer, capable of processing one million billion calculations every second! Sustainability was a key driver for the selection of clean agent, and installation was challenging, with the containers having to be installed between the air conditioning units at the side of the building

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This white paper compares the use of 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid to inert gas extinguishing systems across 4 key parameters:

  • Performance and speed of extinguishing
  • Safety of people
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Sustainability

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Clearwater Technology Ltd, the nationwide provider of water, air and hygiene management, has today announced the launch of Pureox 3500, a new generator system for the purification of water using Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). The Clearwater Pureox 3500 ClO2 Generator guarantees water purity in domestic, drinking and process water systems by preventing the build-up of microorganisms and Biofouling within the system.

Offering the safest, purest and most stable method of producing Chlorine Dioxide onsite, the Clearwater Pureox 3500 range of generators ensures all Chlorine Dioxide generated is used at the point of application. The generator optimises the conversion reaction to ensure that the Chlorine Dioxide being produced at its purest.

Thanks to its unique and innovative sequential, batching system, the Clearwater range of ClO2 generators overcome various drawbacks typically associated with two-pack Chlorine Dioxide generators. The Clearwater Pureox 3500 system is particularly effective against Biofouling (Sessile Bacteria) and Legionella, Pseudomonas and Cryptosporidium among many other pathogenic microorganisms. (Planktonic Bacteria).

“Pureox 3500 represents a significant leap in chemical dosing for water systems,” said Karl Wharton, Managing Director, Clearwater Technology. “This exciting addition to Clearwater’s innovative range of products and solutions will benefit customers across all verticals, from disinfection and sterilisation in healthcare to cooling towers and process water in food and beverage and manufacturing facilities, to any domestic or commercial buildings, the unique, sequential, batching system will provide easier and more efficient generation and dosing of the purest Chlorine Dioxide possible.”

The Clearwater Pureox 3500 range is one of a kind in that it ensures optimum strength (to BSEN12671), optimum dilution, optimum stability and optimum conversion through the innovative delivery of batched quantities of Chlorine Dioxide. The system includes built-in service software which stores service and treatment information for up to three years.

Pureox 3500 requires lower chemical concentrations making them easier to dose while achieving 98% Conversion efficiency. The Clearwater system is also WRAS compliant which is a requirement for many systems in the UK that carry or receive water from the public mains water supply.

‘HC Rapid25’ is used by Clearwater’s own engineers to detect the presence of Legionella in just 25 minutes, reducing the Legionella risk in water systems significantly faster than traditionally possible

Clearwater Technology Ltd, the nationwide provider of water, air and hygiene management has today launched an online store selling HC Rapid25, an on-site Legionella testing device that detects Legionella in just 25 minutes instead of the current period which is typically 10-12 days.

Since the launch of HC Rapid25 in November 2018, Clearwater’s own engineers have used the testing kit in all regular water tank inspections and Legionella risk assessments carried out for customers across a diverse range of sectors. Based on the success of the kit, Clearwater has now decided to make HC Rapid25 available to businesses that undertake their own Legionella risk assessments as well as other third party businesses that carry out Legionella testing as a service.

HC Rapid25 has enabled the detection of Legionella in water systems quickly on site for the first time. The kit significantly reduces the time it takes to respond to a Legionella outbreak and enables immediate action to control the risk. The simple swab-test kit and has been validated for use in hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains, hot tubs, pools, sinks, showers, water heaters, fire suppression, ice machines, hot water storage, misters, sprinklers, air washers and humidifiers.

Compliance is a major pain point for any business operating a water system that is susceptible to Legionella contamination. Testing with HC Rapid25 will help businesses to manage that responsibility and increase the ease of governing compliance with official regulations and codes of practice including ACoP L8, ACoP HSG 274 and HTM 04-01.

Clearwater is the sole distributor of HC Rapid25 and the product is highly suited to businesses that have their own competent personnel managing water quality in remote locations or across multiple sites, including retail and hospitality chains, healthcare organisations and care home groups where people are more vulnerable to the risk of Legionella.

HC Rapid25 can be ordered directly from Clearwater’s online store with next-day shipping across the UK. The kit is supplied in packs of 10 including simple instructions that any competent user can follow.

Setting a new standard for standing desks, the ultra-low workstation incorporates leading ergonomics for a wide range of motion

As a leader in the sit-stand movement, Ergotron Inc., is setting a new standard in the sit-stand market with the WorkFit™-TX Standing Desk Converter. The newest addition to the WorkFit line of products, the WorkFit-TX allows a full 20″ (50.8 cm) range of motion for maximum flexibility and offers advanced ergonomics out-of-the box. The product’s ultra-low design integrates cleanly with worksurfaces and fits a wide range of users by delivering leading ergonomics, no matter their preferred workstyle. Ergonomists and safety and wellness professionals attending the 2018 ErgoExpo event voted to name the WorkFit-TX a winner in the Attendees’ Choice Awards.

“Listening to our customers, we wanted to bring something unique to the market—a desk converter that could meet our high standards for ergonomics and fit more seamlessly into the work environment,” explained Chief Technology Officer Chuck Christ. “The WorkFit-TX sets a new standard in the world of desk converters. The low profile makes it unobtrusive on your desk, and when it comes to ergonomics, it fits more bodies and outclasses every other desk converter in the market.”

A recent Australian study using Ergotron’s WorkFit standing desks found that introducing sit-stand desks with a wellness program had a significant and positive impact on the long-term health and longevity of workers. While a majority of products on the market offer stand-biased solutions, the WorkFit-TX is designed to remove the constraints of existing desktop converters, giving users the best of both worlds—leading ergonomics while sitting or standing. Suited with an X-shaped lift that folds down within inches of desktops for a sleek resting profile, Ergotron’s WorkFit-TX seamlessly integrates into every workspace.

The WorkFit-TX moves the workplace forward with a new standard of versatile working. Additional key features include:

  • 17″ (43.2 cm) of vertical height adjustment, plus 3″ (6.2 cm) of keyboard adjustment
  • Height-adjustable, drop-down tray places keyboards at the most ergonomic location
  • Infinite height adjustment points from an easy-to-find handle
  • Multiple monitor riser locations and keyboard height and positions
  • Solid metal design that provides a stable platform to avoid tipping or sway

Striking inspiration should not be constrained by work environment. As today’s diverse workforce uncovers new possibilities and responds to challenges, workspaces play a role in fostering creativity and collaboration. Connecting with your colleagues, sharing information and ideas to collaborate in a more informal way fosters creativity. Ergotron MXV arms enable employees to reach the next level of wellbeing and productivity in the office without sacrificing aesthetics.

Ergotron designs and manufactures dynamic work environments so people can thrive as they work, learn and care for others. Improving wellbeing at work does not only boost productivity, it also helps attracting and retaining the right talents. A healthy workspace should take ergonomics into account: providing employees with the right tools, such as an adjustable monitor arm, will help employees perform better as they will be able to collaborate more with each other while keeping their body in a healthy posture. Available to mount 1, 2 or even 3 screens, Ergotron’s monitor mounts will help you add movement in your way of working, having your monitors follow you. Ideal for home and office use, the LX Desk Monitor Arm is the go-to solution for areas where several people use the same display.

With predictive maintenance and a CMMS, maintenance managers can nurture their teams by shaping a less stressful, less reactive day-to-day environment, making them rock stars within their own facility or plant. Instead of responding to one emergency after another in a seemingly random and uncontrolled manner, now days and even weeks can be planned down to the hour.

Predictive maintenance directly monitors the condition and performance of assets during normal operation to reduce the likelihood of failures. It attempts to keep costs low by reducing the frequency of maintenance tasks, mitigating unplanned breakdowns and eliminating unnecessary preventive maintenance.

While it evaluates the condition of equipment by performing periodic or continuous (online) equipment condition monitoring, most predictive maintenance is performed while equipment is operating normally to minimise the disruption of everyday operations. This maintenance strategy leverages the principles of statistical process control to determine when maintenance tasks will be needed in the future.

Shifting to a condition-based, predictive maintenance strategy allows asset histories to be tracked and empowers maintenance teams to make more strategic decisions. It also allows them to prioritise work orders efficiently to make sure the right type of maintenance is performed on the right asset at the right time.

A properly established CMMS, like eMaint,  is critical in this effort, as it allows maintenance managers to report key performance indicators (KPIs) to upper management that reflect a specific maintenance program’s return on investment (ROI), as well as the overall costs of unplanned downtime and corrective maintenance.

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Are you paying for electricity you don’t use?

There is a subject that used to be considered widely by electrical engineers and facility managers that feedback and data from the field suggests is being increasingly forgotten in many businesses nowadays. The subject is power factor, and Julian Grant from Chauvin-Arnoux UK, discusses what it is, and why you should be constantly monitoring and correcting it...Read More 

So many businesses unknowingly throw money away on Reactive Power!

Based on recent feedback from a specialist power quality improvement service business, the issue of high reactive power and poor power factor is becoming increasingly common in the UK today, an issue which apparently used to be considered much more widely by electrical engineers and facility managers.

While many business owners and finance directors appear to put great eff­ort into saving a few percent on their energy bills through negotiating better energy prices, many remain oblivious to the fact that as much half of the electricity being consumed by their business could be literally going to waste...Read More


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