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On the heels of debuting the JŪV™ product line at NeoCon 2018, Ergotron, Inc. today announced the JŪV Wall is a Grand Award winner in the 2018 Product Innovations Awards issued by BUILDINGS Media. BUILDINGS Media evaluated dozens of products based on how they enhance building management through sustainability, maintenance, durability, productivity, occupant health, collaboration, space optimization and energy efficiency.

JŪV’s non-electric, adjustable worksurface rejuvenates new or existing space by empowering workers to move quickly and quietly from sit to stand throughout the day in a streamlined and organized environment. Available as a panel or wall mount, JŪV provides full BIFMA ergonomic range—an industry first for a non-electric adjustable surface. Transitioning fully from sitting to standing can occur eight to 10 times faster than traditional height-adjustable tables.

JŪV Wall represents a new era of Ergotron ingenuity,” said Charles Christ Jr., chief technology officer at Ergotron. “Being recognized as the Grand Award winner solidifies our presence in the contract furniture market, and we look forward to empowering designers to realize the potential of every space.”..Read More


As a leader in the sit-stand movement, Ergotron Inc., is setting a new standard in the sit-stand furniture market with the introduction of the WorkFit™-TX Standing Desk Converter. The newest addition to the WorkFit line of products, the WorkFit-TX allows a full 20″ (50.8 cm) range of motion for maximum flexibility and offers advanced ergonomics out-of-the box. The product’s ultra-low design integrates cleanly with worksurfaces and fits a wide range of users by delivering leading ergonomics, no matter their preferred workstyle. Ergonomists and safety and wellness professionals attending the recent ErgoExpo event voted to name the WorkFit-TX a winner in the Attendees’ Choice Awards.

“Listening to our customers, we wanted to bring something unique to the market—a desk converter that could meet our high standards for ergonomics and fit more seamlessly into the work environment,” explained Chief Technology Officer Chuck Christ. “The WorkFit-TX sets a new standard in the world of desk converters. The low profile makes it unobtrusive on your desk, and when it comes to ergonomics, it fits more bodies and outclasses every other desk converter in the market.”...Read More

On 7 November 2018 Planon has invited Jeffrey Scott Saunders, Director of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS), to discuss IFM’s role in enabling end-user success.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn about:

  • Trends shaping the future of work, workforce, and workplace
  • The development of user-centric service management in the IFM space
  • Implications for B2B2C relationships, outsourcing, and pricing models
  • Case studies from IFM service providers

Click on this link to register for the live webinar

Within the domain of property and facility management, space management has always been an important topic. After all, every organisation needs to consider space when running its core business. To ensure that your space portfolio meets your organisation’s needs, your space management strategy needs to be closely linked to your corporate strategy to contribute to the achievement of your goals.

Space management is becoming more important than ever before, as it helps Facility and Space Managers to not only use their space in a more cost-efficient way, but also to create the best possible employee experience. This is extremely important nowadays, as the need to attract and retain talented employees increases.

Planon has produced a white paper which addresses the importance of creating an optimal working experience and explains which elements of space management contribute to it.

Download White Paper

EVACCESS SAVED the day for a bride to be after providing an innovative solution that allowed the mother of the bride to attend the wedding after a lift had broken down.

Evaccess received a call from a large prestigious hotel chain that a lift had broken down and was not repairable in a short space of time. This meant that the bride’s mother would have been unable to attend the event as she is a wheelchair user and no other access was available without a working lift.

The firm delivered the TRE 52 powered stair climber to the venue and trained staff to use it. TRE 52 is a portable powered wheel chair evacuation platform and stair climber. It’s unique design carries many types of wheel chairs including powered wheel chairs

The wedding went well and the brides mother loved the TRE 52 and used it many times during the event. This scenario does beg the question that we may have standard downward evacuation chairs on site but what do we do for those who really should remain in their wheelchairs and can be safely evacuate upwards as well as downwards?

It also proves a point that if the lift is out of action and you need other means, then you need other means for an emergency. Evaccess are available to cover all access and egress issues and give dignified and safe options. For more information, visit

Planon has partnered with Verdantix to co-host a live-webinar on 23 October at 10:00 AM BST.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn about:

  • Why space management is higher on the corporate agenda than ever before
  • The key elements to increasing space management effectiveness
  • Practical examples explaining the benefits of having these elements in place
  • The benefits of integrating space management with other facility management and real estate management processes

Click on this link to register for the webinar

Planon recently partnered with Panorama, a consultancy firm dedicated to the facility management ecosystem, to better understand the trends disrupting the facility management service provider industry…Read More

Communication is critical to us all, in particular with the ease and speed at which we can travel around the globe today which has made travel for business and pleasure a way of life. There are over 6000 languages in the world and without human ingenuity they could form an impenetrable barrier for communication between people.
In recent times the increasing and rapidly developing use of pictorial images and symbols has become the new universal language. Research from an educational context demonstrates that visual representation, especially pictures, offers a powerful means of communicating and an alternative to written or printed languages. The use of Emoji symbols in digital and mobile apparatus is a growing and widespread method of messaging, furniture flat-packs and electronic equipment such as computers, TVs etc. come with instructions in pictogram format for ease of assembly, safety signage from emergency lighting and airlines safety information cards all now use pictograms to inform its customers of the safety information on board their aircraft to communicate clear and concise information .…Read More


If you’re interested in safety, health and wellbeing at work it’s because you’re passionate about protecting people. You understand it’s not just about checklists and compliance, it’s about embedding a safe working culture, putting people at the heart of safety and health and making a positive impact.

Join IOSH and be part of an active and respected community of like-minded people, sharing in the specialist knowledge and expertise of occupational safety and health professionals across the world.

Upcoming seminars & conferences  2018:

  • IOSH Ireland conference, Castleknock Hotel on the 6th Sept 18: topic: The conference will focus on workplace safety and workplace health promotion. An exciting range of speakers includes Healthy Ireland and the HSA, amongst many others. Practical advice and techniques will be provided on how to build employee resilience, looking at patterns of behaviour, emotional reactions and expectations in the workplace.
  • IOSH Ireland East Branch have a seminar on the 26th Sept “managing dangerous substances”, the seminar aims to raise awareness of the risks posed by dangerous substances in the workplace and to promote a culture of risk prevention to eliminate and, where that’s not possible, effectively manage these risks.
  • On the 24th Oct we plan a site visit to a waste facility
  • And a seminar is planned on the 21st Nov 18 to be co-hosted with the fire risk management section on “safe evacuation”.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or you’re an established practitioner, join us and start your path to success.

There are a wide range of benefits to becoming an IOSH member, we can help you achieve your career goals by:

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  • Giving you a voice in the global movement for change.

IOSH is continually growing and we are always working to build on and improve what we offer to our members and the OSH profession.

Developments in 2018/19 will include a new website, an enhanced CPD journey and greater access to a wider selection of specialist knowledge and networking opportunities.

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