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Fatality statistics by HSA reveal the dangers suffered by older workers

Advancements in medicine and overall improvement in quality of lifestyle has increased life expectancy, which has subsequently increased the number of older workers. The Office for National Statistics (ONS, 2013) predicts that by 2020 over a third of the workforce will be aged over 50.

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA, 2018) recently released their 2017 statistics for the number of fatal accidents suffered by employees whilst at work in the Republic of Ireland. Unfortunately there were 47 fatalities in 2017 – 1 more than compared to the results in 2016. Shockingly, nearly 30% of these fatalities were suffered by employees aged over 65. Some other key statistics include:

  • Highest number of work related fatalities came from the agriculture sector.
  • Most number of accidents were due to contact with vehicles, whilst falls from a height was the next most common cause.
  • Dublin, Cork and Mayo were the counties with the highest number of fatalities in 2017.

These statistics highlight the dangers suffered by workers over the age of 60 within the agriculture sector, many of them were in fact working alone at the time of the accident. Martin O’Halloran, HSA Chief Executive, also highlighted the importance of raising awareness of lone working so that more measures can be put in place to protect their safety (HSA, 2018)....Read More