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33% rise in workplace fatalities in Northern Ireland

Workplace fatalities and major injuries are the biggest cause for concern when it comes to protecting the safety of employees at work.

A recently released annual report by the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) states a 33% rise in workplace fatalities. “Workplace deaths are heart-breaking and unacceptable. These events impact so many people and cause such devastation to families, communities, work colleagues, employers and the emergency services who attend these incidents” Keith Morrison, HSENI’s Chief Executive

The report also states that of all fatalities that occurred in Northern Ireland between 2016-17, the majority took place in the farming industry. We recently published a blog post that looked into the shocking truth about deaths within the farming industry and ways to help prevent deaths while working in a farm. The construction industry was the next in line, closely followed by other industries such as manufacturing and waste management/extraction.

Falls from a height was the greatest cause of fatal accidents this year and accumulated to around 26 fatal injuries in the last 5 years (HSENI, 2017)...Read More