• FM Ireland will be held on the 6-7 March 2018

The Institute of Refrigeration Ireland (IRI) is professional membership body that represents refrigeration and air-conditioning professionals in Ireland. The Institute has seven key aims:

  • To promote the general advancement of refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
  • To pursue excellence in the provision of refrigeration products and services for the community.
  • To provide members with networking opportunities.
  • To establish and maintain standards of education, training and conduct.
  • To ensure that the titles for members of the Institute of Refrigeration of Ireland are given to suitably qualified candidates.
  • To speak as the authoritative voice of the refrigeration and air conditioning profession in Ireland.

The IRI pursues these aims by working in partnership with other key stakeholders in our industry, including government departments, state agencies and other professional bodies.

The Irish Security Industry Association is the premier trade association for the security industry in Ireland representing professional, quality-driven companies across the full spectrum of the private security industry. The ISIA has always been at the forefront of raising quality standards. The underlying ethos of the association is based around codes of practice, standards and quality service to which our members must sign up and adhere. With the introduction of licensing, the industry has taken the first steps toward the establishment of a more professional security industry. However, at the ISIA, we firmly believe that licensing has merely set the minimum standard. We want to see standards raised further and consequently we have introduced a new continuous improvement quality scheme, Qualsec. This is a new model managed and monitored independently by Insight Certifications Ltd trading as the National Security Inspectorate who will audit ISIA member companies and award them a Silver, Gold or Platinum standard.

Membership of the ISIA brings a number of benefits, not least a guarantee to clients that they provide a high quality service. We offer member companies funded training through our training division, ISIT Skillnet who offer over 40 courses covering all aspects of security provision. Members can receive funding of up to 90% on some training courses through ISIT Skillnet.

We have an excellent working relationship with the Private Security Authority and lobby government on behalf of our members when required. We also publish the only magazine in Ireland exclusively for the security industry, Secureview, with a distribution of 5000 end-users and key influencers.

In addition, membership of the ISIA provides member companies with a platform for networking with other security companies and through our Business Affiliate membership, with blue-chip distributors and manufacturers. We have recently welcomed a number of new Business Affiliates to our association including Panasonic, Sony, Viligiant, and Dallmeier.

For full details of membership benefits or to apply for membership, log on to

The Irish Property & Facility Management Association (IPFMA) is the professional body representing the fast-growing property and facility management profession in the Republic of Ireland, working in the interests of its members and also to the benefit of the public. The IPFMA now represents 500 property and facility managers and a further 30 students.

The IPFMA represents those involved in the profession and its objective is to develop and maintain excellence in terms of skill and professional conduct in all aspects of the market, through the provision of education, training, professional development and regulation of its members. All members of the IPFMA agree to the bound by the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards.

In parallel with its mission to foster excellence within the profession, the IPFMA acts as a portal for the exchange of information (both amongst members and consumers), publishes professional commentary and reference material and hosts topical events. It makes submissions to and canvasses Government and relevant state organisations, on behalf of the industry, in matters of property and facility management interest.

In addition, the IPFMA creates public awareness of the property and facility management profession and is there for the protection of consumer interests, as well as the interests of its members

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection Ireland ASFP Ireland was established in 2010 to represent and support the activities of the Irish fire industry in relation to all forms of ‘built in’ passive fire protection.

ASFP Ireland – Goals and Strategic Actions

As Irelands leading trade association relating to ‘Built-In’ fire protection, ASFP Ireland strives to promote excellence in the design and installation of fire protection products by fostering the education and training of all those involved in the development, specification and use of ‘Built-In’ fire protection.

ASFP Ireland endeavours to increase the quality of installed fire protection within all forms of construction. To find out more, email: