• FM Ireland will be held on the 6-7 March 2018

Areas to be addressed include:

  • Our Security Contractor
  • Technology  Update – What’s

Following recent tragic events, many aspects of fire safety regulation are under review with focus on the competence of all engaged in design, construction and management. The UK ‘Independent Review of Building Regulations & Fire Safety’, chaired by Dame Judith Hackitt, is likely to lead to far reaching changes. In December, our National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management issued important guidance, ‘Assessing existing cladding systems in buildings of more than six storeys, or more than 18m in height’.

Active & Passive Fire Protection systems work in harmony to protect lives in occupied buildings. Fire detection and alarm systems provide early warning, emergency lighting provides direction and passive systems protect designated escape routes. The management of these vital life safety systems require different strategies, passive systems can be difficult for the unprepared.

Building Regulations set minimum life safety standards and require designers to develop a fire strategy demonstrating compliance as part of the planning process. The first step is to understand this fire strategy, the function of the installed passive systems and their maintenance requirements. It is imperative to ensure, that those engaged in general maintenance, reinstatement or wider project management can demonstrate appropriate competence for their allocated task.

It has become very clear from listening to people onsite and at Fire Safety Forums there is a problem with the communication of the fire safety message.

Over and over we hear reports of the same question

  • Where do I get Fire information?
  • Who do I ask?
  • Who will tell me?
  • Does any Government agency have the responsibility for communicating the fire safety message?
  • Is it all down to the Local Fire Authority?

The main point here is people want to be fire safety compliant; they want to insure the Fire Safety design and systems are installed correctly moreover they actually work.

This year’s IFE Hosted Conference will provide as much relevant information as possible, using a panel of expert Speakers drawn from various interest groups:

Areas to be addressed include:

  • The latest Developments in Fire Safety Regulations
  • How each of these communities deliver this information
  • Is there a Shared Resource which could be developed
  • Creating a platform/mechanism which Enables the majority of FM’s who do not belong to these various groups access to the latest information
  • Accessing as well as their means of making this available both to their Members

Timings, Paper Titles, Speakers and focus of Panel Discussion – TBA Shortly

This session will address the practical aspect of managing Passive Fire Protection systems, providing direction and guidance on addressing common issues. Videos will show how systems are tested and demonstrate why maintenance by competent persons is so important. There will be an opportunity to handle key components to more fully understand how they perform including,

  • Fire Resisting Timber Doorsets
  • Fire Resisting Penetration Seals (Firestopping)