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The Shocking Truth about Deaths within the Farming Industry

It is evident that certain occupations can be more dangerous than others due to the nature of work that is carried out. However, one that consistently tops the list of hazardous industries is farming. It is becoming increasingly alarming that farmers are exposed to high levels of danger and more inclined to suffer fatal injuries and even a loss of life whist working on their farms.

From the latest Health and Safety Executive statistics (HSE) worrying figures can be drawn from the farming safety record. Last year, 27 people lost their lives following a work place accident on a farm.

One story that has raised awareness of the dangers of farming occurred two days before Christmas 2016.  Two men aged 19 and 35 died in a slurry tank on a farm in Leicestershire. Despite the best efforts of fire crews to cut the men free, the two farm workers sadly lost their lives. Other unfortunate deaths caused by an agricultural occupation included Somerset farmer, Derek Mead, who was crushed by his own vehicle after it was reportedly switched on in motion by his dog. These deaths were just a few out of more than 300 on British farms over the past decade.

Statistically, farms are the most dangerous places to work in the UK. Construction work is five times safer than farm work (per year there are on average two deaths per 100,000 in construction, compared to 10 per 100,000 in farming). “All of the deaths we see are needless,” said Rick Brunt, head of vulnerable workers, agriculture, waste and recycling at the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)…Read More